don't follow me if :
you are lgbt+phobic, racist, sexist, ableist, pro-israel or an assholeyou sexualize minors you use fat as an insultyou think bisexuality is transphobicyou dislike any of my fave groups... i talk about them a lot so what's the pointyou are an ugly shipper or an armyyou are under eighteen

evann. they/she. 1996. white european. bisexual and genderfluid. languages: french, english, swedish. infp. cancer sun, virgo moon, virgo ascending. hufflepuff + slytherin. don't take anything i say seriously

please tag eating disorders, violence, acts of terror, open waters / space, butterflies and needles. thank you !


marvel cinematic universe


MAINS apink, nct, exo
OTHERS aoa, girl's day, lovelyz, pristin, sunmi, twice, winner, wjsn + lots of other girl groups

other interests

animals, arts, books, harry potter, it (movie & miniseries), languages, mcu, music, photography, star wars, stranger things, video games, the walking dead, other western artists

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